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Design Principles
GSA Advantage Contract: GS02F0027T

MIL-SIM-FX aims to develop and design products that are durable, modular, interchangeable, and scalable. We strive on maintaining the highest quality specifications, through both extensive testing and manufacturing. To meet our customers demands we introduce new upgrades to existing products and design solutions. All products are designed to maintain an extended period of service and work within a modular and reusable platform, providing the perfect solution for reaction/detection training.

  • Safe - Enables direct contact training
  • Large visual impact relative to safe operating distance
  • Low operating cost
  • No fire hazards
  • Quick explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) recovery time averaging 3 minutes


The majority of our products are crafted from lightweight, high quality metals and anodized to withstand all weather conditions. Using lightweight metals provides protection against cracking and premature wear, a common problem found when using PVC or other polymer based materials.

Modular, Interchangeable
and Reusable

Our products are designed to be modular and interchangeable, which allows for customization based on  training needs. By using standard sizes, accessories and heads, the same parts can be used across multiple devices. Under repeated use, MIL-SIM-FX products perform seamlessly time after time. No need to buy new equipment when our product offers a low cost solution in using consumables that easily justify your return on investment.


Effects can be scaled up or down to accommodate a variety of training exercises. Whether used in a training lane or urban scenario, our devices are only limited by the imagination of the operator using the equipment. MIL-SIM-FX can assist with optimum placement strategies.