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MIL-SIM-FXs main office and manufacturing plant is housed in a 17,500 square foot facility, with an additional 3,500 square foot overflow warehouse, situated in the Canadian town of Tillsonburg, Ontario. Our operations are Canadian Controlled Goods Certified, and ITAR compliant.

Our onsite facilities include:

  • Research and Development Lab - Our Research and Development facility includes state of the art computer software, prototyping machinery and dedicated product testing areas (outdoor and indoor). All research and development conforms to internal quality and process systems. The integration of our product from a conceptual stage to production is completed in a seamless fashion.

  • Production and Assembly Plant - Fully equipped manufacturing facility set up to produce the requirements of market demand. Our skilled team members are fully trained on covering various tasks on the production floor and all work stations are integrated with ergonomically safe tooling. MIL-SIM-FX conforms to internally developed quality standards which ensures all products being delivered to the end user are tested and ready to use.

  • Training Area - We offer a fully equipped classroom with state of the art computer hardware for presentations, along with access to demonstration kits for hands-on training. A separate lunch room with food preparation facilities is available. MIL-SIM-FX also offers off site training please contact us for a quote.

  • Service Department - MIL-SIM-FX reputation relies on the best response in the industry when product support is required. Our Technical Sales personnel, supported by our R&D engineering and the Production Department, are capable of responding to the needs of any customer worldwide. MIL-SIM-FX responds efficiently and effectively when product support is required.

  • Shipping and Receiving - Our shipping and receiving capabilities are covered worldwide. We will ship directly to our distributors or to the end user. Contact us if you have any questions.