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GSA Advantage Contract: GS02F0027T


MIL-SIM-FX International Inc. is a privately owned business founded in 2004 and established as a leader in the design and supply of non-pyrotechnic simulation training devices to North American and Foreign Armed Forces. Many of the products are primarily used in military training exercises to safely simulate various types of weapon signatures, such as IED (Improvised Explosive Device) and hand grenade detonations. MIL-SIM-FX is diversifying in many areas of detection/reaction training and will expand into markets that include Law Enforcement, Port Security, Border Crossings and Firefighting. Today MIL-SIM-FX specializes in the design and manufacture of non-pyrotechnic effect simulators while working closely with customers to develop the best possible solutions for training requirements.


Our mission is to design and manufacture simulator products in a timely manner while recognizing training needs communicated by operators in the field. Our objective is understanding the needs of all our customers to develop solutions that exceed expectations. MIL-SIM-FX International Inc. upholds the advancement of explosive simulator products, safely replicating threats used by hostile forces, to save the lives of those in harmís way.


Our company recognizes the importance of effective training exercises to prepare soldiers for threats encountered in theater. From developing upgrades for existing devices to forging new products based on customer needs, MIL-SIM-FX provides innovative training solutions for the ever changing threat.